Current Information

+++ New signature folder +++

A new process in the signature folder has been introduced in line with the Aareal Portal version Please refer to the extended release notes dated 29 August 2019 on the Services pages to find out about the changes.

New features in the Aareal Portal

Version of the Aareal Portal offers a range of new functions. Please refer to the release notes (in German) on the Services page for more details.

Information on phishing

Please do not respond to e-mails asking you to enter your Aareal Portal log-on data on a website in order to update or verify these data. We will never ask you (neither by phone nor by e-mail) to disclose sensitive client data for verification on the Internet or to provide such data by other means. Should you receive a request of this kind it is very likely that this has been sent to you with the intention to lead you to a fraudulent website to gain access to your log-on data (so-called password phishing). Even if such e-mails appear to be genuine, please bear in mind that Aareal Bank will under no circumstances send you a message of this type. Please also refer to our safety warning.