Current Information

Information on annual statements

Please note our current information in the services section (after log-in) regarding the most recent booking and information periods in relation to our account management during the current year.

Improvements in the Aareal Portal

In version 7.8.4, a number of improvements have been made in the Aareal Portal. Please refer to the release notes on the Services page (in German) for more details.

Information about fraudulent acitivities

Aareal informs about current fraudulent activities: unauthorised direct debits following ping transactions via PayPal payment service. Please check your account statements!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Within the framework of our regularly carried out management of accounts, we have noticed that there is an increased number of transfers of one-or two-digit cent amounts via the payment service PayPal to Aareal Bank account holders at the moment. Those so-called ping transfers are usually fraudulently initiated and used to determine the existence and availability of payee accounts. The successful posting of these small payments indirectly confirms that an account is existent and could thus be used for fraudulent direct debits. This scam is currently on the rise, which is why we would like to ask you to thoroughly check your account entries and direct debits. If you detect an unauthorised direct debit, you can recall it by contacting us. To do so, please mark the debit booking information and send us a copy of the respective account statements to: Serviceteam1@aareal-bank.com.

Online banking has become a favourite target for scammers in recent years. We are therefore monitoring the banking systems and account movements very closely. However, there is no automated preventive solution for this scam tactic as it is not possible to block entries of just a few cents or individual account details. In your own interest and to protect your assets, please always check your account statements immediately in accordance with No. 11 (4) of our General Terms and Conditions.

Best regards,

Aareal Bank AG